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Ordinance 2019-01 Chapter 13.22 (b) Amendment

Ordinance 2018-02 Rezone Parcel 63.11

Ordinance 2018-01 Chapter 17 Erosion Control
Ordinance 2017-05 Public Intoxication
Ordinance 2017-04 Computer Communication
Ordinance 2017-03 Marijuana, Cannabis 
Ordinance 2017-02 Resisting Officer
Ordinance 2017-01 Police Officers
Ordinance 2016-04 Joint Municipal Court
Ordinance 2016-01 Changing Regulations in Chapter 5 regarding Public Safety
Ordinance 2015-01 Eliminating the Sewer Credit for Outside Deduct Meters
Ordinance 01-2014 Establishing Water Softening Requirements
Ordinance 01-2012 Changing Regulations on Storage of Recreational Vehicles
Ordinance 02-2012 Adopting the Caucus as the Local Elected Official Nominating Procedure
Ordinance 03-2012 Creating Curbside Brush and Leaf Collection Regulations
Ordinance 04-2012 Changing Alcohol Carryout Hours
Ordinance 01-2011 Approving New Code
Ordinance 02-2011 Changing Regulations on Vicious Animals and Pit Bulls
Ordinance 03-2011 Changing the Village of Arlington Mailbox Policy
Ordinance 05-2011 Changing Regulations on Possession of Concealed Weapons
Ordinance 06-2011 Addressing Confidentiality of Assessment Data


Resolution 2019-02 Wis. Environmental Improvement Fund

Resolution 2019-01 Intent to Reimburse

Resolution 2018-05 Posting Locations

Resolution 2018-04 CMAR

Resolution 2018-03 Zoning Map

Resolution 2018-02 Budget Amendment

Resolution 2018-01 Election Inspectors

Resolution 2017-08 Borrowing for Main Street Expenses
Resolution 2017-07 Village President Compensation

Resolution 2017-06 Income Continuation
Resolution 2017-05 Group Life Insurance
Resolution 2017-04 Change Signature Cards
Resolution 2017-03 Fee Schedule & Addendum 1 & Addendum 2

Resolution 2017-02 CMAR
Resolution 2017-01 Deposit Schedule
Resolution 2016-06 2017 Budget
Resolution 2016-05 Borrowing 
Resolution 2016-04 Adopting 2015 CMAR
Resolution 2016-03 Deferred Compensation Plan
Resolution 2016-02 Borrowing
Resolution 2016-01 Withdrawal from LGPIF
Resolution 2015-07 Election Inspectors
Resolution 2015-06 Budget
Resolution 2015-05 All Hazards Mitigation
Resolution 2015-04 Adopting Policy for Oral or Sworn Written Testimony for BOR
Resolution 2015-03 Adopting 2014 CMAR
Resolution 2015-02 Budget Amendment   
Resolution 2015-01 Borrowing
Resolution 05-2014 - 2015 Budget
Resolution 04-2014 Group Health Insurance
Resolution 03-2014 Adopting the 2013 Sewer Utility Compliance Maintenance Annual Report
Resolution 02-2014 Amending the 2014 Budget
Resolution 01-2014 Appointing 2014-2015 Election Inspectors

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Ordinances and Resolutions

The Village of Arlington, WI​