Water/Sewer Utilities

Water Utility Information

2016 Consumer Confidence Report
Oct 2016 Water Rate Change
2015 Water Consumer Confidence Report
Oct. 2015 Water Rate Change
2014 Water Consumer Confidence Report
Wisconsin Public Service Commission Water Utility Rate Database
Wisconsin Public Service Commission Water Utility Rate File
2013 Water Consumer Confidence Report
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Sewer Utility Information

MSA Professional Services 2010 Wisconsin Sewer Rate Study
Sewer Credit Policy
Water/Sewer bills are read quarterly the last week of March, June, September, and December. Payment is due in time to be processed by staff by the end of business on the due date (usually the last business day of the month). Anything after the office is closed for the day will be considered late and will receive late fees (this includes payments put in the night drop during business hours instead of brought into the office). The Public Service Commission (PSC) allows for 20 day notice to make payment, the Village of Arlington extends that time by up to 10 days for residents to make their payment.


The Village is now able to email quarterly water/sewer bills as well as ACH the payment from your account if you choose so you will never have to worry about late fees again. Please complete and return this form

Pay Online at: 
Your payment will be dated the date the Village receives notification of your payment.
Deferred Payment Agreement must be approved by the Village Clerk.
Disconnection/Reconnection Policy
The Village will only accept cash once you have received the 24-hour disconnect notice. Cash must be received in office for re-connection by 3:15 to get same day re-connection. Cash dropped off after 3:15 p.m. or in the night drop will be credited the next business day and water will be turned on as soon as Public Works is able.  Please make sure all faucets are turned off. Water will be turned on as soon as Public Works is able, any damage done would be your responsibility.

Electricity:  Alliant Energy - 1-800-862-6222
Telephone:  CenturyLink - 1-800-304-7628 http://www.centurylinkinternetservice.com/internet/Wisconsin/
Telephone:  Charter - 1-877-906-9121 https://www.charter.com/browse/content/phone 

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